Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekly update!

I know...I know, I haven't had a post in awhile but I thought the craziness would calm down a bit. Our daily routine consist of: Up at 5:45am, coffee, check and respond to emails, tweets, facebook, pick up the house from the night before, start laundry, peel the kids out of bed at 7:15am and start breakfast, school until 11:40am, lunch, more school until whenever I get finished, more cleaning up, work on orders for about 2-3 hours, then guess what...Time to start dinner(supper). Squeeze in a few temper tantrums, fights, boo-boos, phone calls, more laundry and a couple of spilled drinks after I had just mopped the kitchen floor and Whaalaa, you have my day. Keep me on my toes!
I have had alot going on so I will let the pictures tell the story.

1.) I made homemade biscuits for the first time in FOREVER..YEAH! 2.)Working on new items for my etsy shop that is opening soon! I love cute bibs!

3.) Crocheted these cuties...(alot of em')
4.) Working on a project involving this...

photo credit

5.) Making alot of these babies...

6.) And finally trying to understand why men around here buy lots of expensive camo, sprays, and deer stands that they have to sit in the freezing cold weather and not move a muscle only NOT to see what I see out of kitchen window almost EVERY morning and evening..HEHE!

Picture taken on my back porch with my hot pink pajama pants and white t- shirt on ,while yelling at the kids to look at this big buck in our yard......POINT MADE!



  1. Hahaha! Love the deer part! We actually saw a buck in our side yard this week for the first time, usually it's just does. Pretty exciting! I love your stuff, but you already know that :)

  2. Hahhahah! Monica you have made me laugh this morning and I am in LOVE with the new bibs! Girl, your day may be a little different from mine but it sounds like we are both CRAZY busy! Ah... it's good though :)