Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Get-Away and please get away!

So the husband and I decided to take a vaca for our 10 year anniversary . 10 years is a milestone and we intended to celebrate! We had a nice 24 hour trip to Savannah, GA because that's how we roll. Short trips are usually better because you HAVE to see and do as much as you can in a short amount of time, You appreciate things more, you don't spend as much money and you don't wear your babysitter out too much.

Savannah is lovely and they love them some Paula Deen. Yes, we ate at her restaurant (The Lady and Sons)at 9:30pm Friday night because we had no kids with us and we could eat as late as we wanted and what we wanted. YEAH!! It was delish!

Saturday, we took a trolley tour of the city and did alittle shopping and more eating. Then it was back in the plane and heading home. We were glad to see the kids and I think my mom was glad to see us. She gladly watched the kids while we were gone but again we didn't want to wear anybody out by leaving them too long. We know our limits!!!

Sunday afternoon we decided to go a local non-pumpkin patch- pumpkin patch. No typo, it really was a pumpkin patch with no pumpkins planted. There were a few activities for the kids

and adults (HUMMM,HUMM)

but the excitement of the afternoon was when Sailor(my daughter) stole my camera and HARASSED the sweet, young, childless, unmarried couple in front of us on the hayride. I had no idea she had taken these pictures until I down loaded them. I wondered why he so graciously asked if he could hold my camera to take our picture. Poor couple...

I think there were at least 547 pictures of them on my camera and I have no idea who they are.
If you are the couple and you are reading this..I am so very SORRY! If you know this couple...please tell them , I am so very SORRY. HAHA! I can't help but laugh because they were really nice and cute!

Thank you sir for the sweet picture of the brat Sailor and me!!!:)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Be Still My Heart...

This baby makes my heart melt...

and she is wearing one of my crochet hair flowers...
and her mother is an awesome photographer.... who did these wonderfully awesome pictures for me. Visit her blog and you will not be disappointed (I promise)

She really over delivered on a favor and I am forever grateful. I wish I could post every single one of them but my computer would crash . It is very temperamental these days.

Thank you so very much Bobbie for these pictures and I will have more for you in the future. (I promise that too!)

Check out her big Sissy wearing one of the posies..
Oh how I love those cheeks...

Thank you to those adorable models Bristol and Kennedy for being such good sports!!!

Now, if I can get myself together and get these in my Etsy shop, I will be on a roll!