Thursday, April 14, 2011

New camera = New pictures

    So I got a new camera. Actually, I have had a new camera for several weeks now. I don't understand the mood I am in lately. I know it has everything to do with this little McGee baby but I have never been so UNmotivated. I declare, I don't want to do anything. (well, somethings I do like sew and crochet and sleep and eat) But the other stuff like cook, clean , organize, wash cars , wash nasty garages, nasty dogs and my closet....I can totally live without. I generally stay very busy with homeschool and taking care of the house with enough time to spare to fill my orders. Something had to give, so I gave up the house. Why??? Anyway, one of my major mishaps with the house was washing AND drying my faithful point and shoot camera. It still works but is alittle fuzzy. EXAMPLE:
Ok...perfect example of 2 things:
1.Camera issues
2.Major cooking fail and that is the reason I gave it up.
(not really but almost)

Major deer run in the back yard

But now I have a new camera and very excited to post pictures.
Sailor and Cupcake

Special order wedding garter

Special order for wedding

Silliness on a beautiful Carolina afternoon

I love it! It is nothing fancy and I am not a professional photog. (really HAHA!) but I love the clarity and the options I have on the camera to edit right there without downloading first.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Need for change...

I feel the need for change. In my house , on my blog and in my craft/hobby. I am sure it has everything to do with this pregnancy BUT.... Change is a comin' ya'll ! Stay tuned :)

Photo from weheartit

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lonely blog

I recently visited my humble little home place called mcgeemommy and felt very empty and sorry for this place. I have left it blank for so long that I really don't know how to explain what happened. First of all...this happened which had ALOT to do with the neglect:
Yes..We are expecting our 4th child and excited does not explain it. I have battled the terrible feeling of lose after 4 miscarriages and so this is just a gift to us. I worry alot and sleep alot but with age comes wisdom. I have learned to listen to my body but at the same time carry on with the responsibilities of being a wife and mother as much as possible. Lots of people think I am being extreme with this pregnancy but after many loses you can never be too extreme. I am well into my 15th week and getting really excited now.

Besides the morning sickness (which I never had with the others), not cooking for weeks, and 2 to 3 hour naps in the afternoon, I managed to complete several orders that I had for several weeks. (sorry guys)

Disclaimer: Please have mercy on the camera went through the washing machine AND dryer several weeks ago. It is a Sony and it still works. Alittle fuzzy but it works!

Love this sweet earflap hat is brown and pink. I also did one in hot pink and black.

Winter white newsgirl cap with hot pink flower...precious!

And my first attempt at the owl earflap hat from The Inner Hooker

These are also available in girly colors!