Monday, September 27, 2010

Madness Update

Whew! What a hot and crazy weekend. I am glad to be back in the swing of things around the house and I think my husband is glad too! While we worked our booth at Mint Hill Madness this year, the husbands kept the children....YEEHAWWW! I really did miss them and I think I was missed according to the laundry piled up and the tornado that passed through the middle of my house.
It was hot!!!At least 93 degrees and humid when we were setting up but we made it with the help of Hannah's husband Ryan and the great people in charge of Mint Hill Madness. Overall, the booth turned out precious and despite the lack of traffic, we did OK. The best part was being a few boothes down from Daphne's Simply Southern Bakery. Their stuff is GREAT! The worse part was some really bad Taylor Swift karaoke...ALL DAY... FOR 2 DAYS.
Thank you to everyone who purchased from us and stopped by to see our little nest.
We still have some of the things in the pictures available, so if you are interested contact my email and I will be glad to get these items to you.

My husband (Travis) also ran in the 5K Saturday morning. He did great and now he is regretting it! Hats off to everybody in that was hot!


  1. I love the pictures, I wish I could have come to see the booth in person, but as you know I had a beach invitation and couldn't pass up the opportunity! And good for Travis!

  2. I LOVED your booth! You and Hannah did a great job and I'd def say it was "eye candy" :) And congrats to Travis!